Monday, July 16, 2012

Demolition Day

Wednesday is Demolition Day for our kitchen island project.  That is the day the old island goes away.  Our cats aren't going to like demolition day.  We hope the noise is over quickly.

The new island is part of our 20 year kitchen renovation, which I talk about in this post

Twenty year kitchen project

This part of our project also includes replacing the failing vinyl floor with marmoleum.  But that won't happen till the end of the month and the new island can't go in until the marmoleum is installed.  Until the new island is installed, we won't have a stove top so we will be cooking in the back yard with our camping stove.

Here is the old island in all its glory.  It's so big and has such an awkward unattractive shape.

That is its (relatively) good looking side.  Here is the part I hate most about it.... that cut off corner.

I've lived with it for seventeen years and never liked it.  As long as it was reasonably functional, we kept it.  Now it is really showing its age.  The igniters on the gas stove haven't worked in years.  We have a burner that goes out on low (pretty scary).  John hates the tile and especially the grout.  It's a pretty poor tile installation.  The cabinet itself is cobbled together from cheap components with doors that never worked right and lots of dead space.  Much of the particle board is warped now and the drawers won't stay closed, even though John is a wizard at working on such things.  

Home renovations generate so much trash and we've done a lot of those in our life.  I feel guilty about making more trash.  When I was young and lived on the farm that my grandparents homesteaded, we had our own private dump with all the things that wouldn't burn.  As kids, we used to dig around in it for treasures like old glass bottles.  If I had my own private lifetime dump, I wonder how big it would be?  I imagine it as being huge and I hate that imagined pile of my own private trash.  This time a demolition company is handling that part and I know they will recycle everything they can.  Still, there will be trash, I am sure.

I am so looking forward to the new island that John is making.  

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ddlip said...

I wish I could have had just one more glass of wine while leaning on that corner.