Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The floor installation Day 1

Our new marmoleum floor is being installed.  We had to clear everything out of the kitchen and stash it in other parts of the house.  Every downstairs room has been affected.  We locked the cats in one room with all their paraphanalia (food, water, cat box).  They were pretty easy going about it though they got cabin fever by the end of the day.

Dave Pitzer (DJs Floors) is doing the work and he is great.  If you live in Portland, you would be lucky to have him do your floor.  I certainly feel lucky.

We have our camp stove set up in the backyard; however, we have to go out the front door and around the house to get to the backyard.  I feel anty when my house is so chaotic.  And I can't remember where everything is.

the cats hiding out
 removing the old vinyl

the marmoleum waiting in the dining room
The subflloor under the old vinyl was not in very good shape and the whole floor had to be "floated", which means that it had a cement like compound spread on top of it to smooth out the irregularities and such.

That spot where you can see the plywood is where the new island will go.  And today the marmoleum will be installed.

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