Friday, July 13, 2012

Triple Falls Hike in July

Our hikes this year have been sticking to favorite and close by places.  We need to get an early start to beat the crowds.  Getting started early  also means beating the heat and hiking close by means we can get home and have time to get things done.  So this week, we went to Triple Falls.

Triple Falls

The hike starts at Horsetail Falls.  Isn't that a  a nice place to sit?  It looks so peaceful, at least at that time of morning.... when we came down, it was crawling with people and not at all peaceful.

Horsetail Falls

This photo is from the Oneonta Bridge.

Oneonta Bridge Falls

This is a nice place to cool down and splash some water on my face.  It comes at the end of a pretty steep section of the trail   and I always look forward to it.

John loves to read along the stream.

This is Ponytail Falls.  The trail goes behind the falls.  That overhang is actually quite large, almost a cave.  It's often jammed with people since it is pretty close to the trail head but I had it to myself today.  What a treat!

Here are more photos of our hike

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