Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My kitchen window

This post is for my friend Margot who says I never take a picture of my kitchen window.   This window was an early part of our twenty year kitchen project.  It replaced an ugly aluminum sliding glass window.  If you opened it, the window might fall out.  Our neighbor told us that the former owner used to break into the house through that window when he locked himself out.

This is a close up showing the cool light bulb.

The bulb came from Rejuvenation.


Of course Rejuvenation isn't really Rejuvenation any more.  Williams Sonoma bought it.  Corporations buy businesses to enhance the corporation but unfortunately the corporations never seem to enhance the businesses they buy.

This is my kitchen window when the dogwood across the alley blooms.


Terry said...

Oh! I'm loving your 3-panel window. It looks so modern together with your light fixture. Sometimes, good lighting makes a room look spacious and beautiful.

Terry Arnold

Sandra Ludwig said...

Your kitchen window is truly remarkable! I love the view from the outside. I’m pretty sure that it’s giving you enough ventilation. Also, it will give you the entertainment you need while washing the dishes.
- Sandra Ludwig

Sol Hendricks said...

Your kitchen window is perfectly positioned! I’m absolutely sure that you’ll be inspired by the scenery outside. Also, it will make washing the dishes less of a chore and more of a sightseeing experience.
- Sol Hendricks