Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There's something about an old kitchen...

Some friends were lucky enough to move into an old house that still had its original kitchen pretty much intact.  They had new doors made for their cabinets (several years ago) and redid the counter.  I think part of the charm of the kitchen is the fact that the room isn't so big.  It feels person sized.  And the window does a great job of lighting the whole room.

In our kitchen, on the other hand, someone took a wall out and made it much larger.  It's very very functional.  But the light from the window doesn't reach as far as I would like.  Light is so important.  

I struggled a lot with what to do with our kitchen.  The layout works so well.   I had some ideas for getting more light but it would be really expensive.  In the end, we kept the layout.  It would cost too much to change.

I love many things about my kitchen and I am hopeful that when we do our new sink counter, I will love it even more.  But there is something about an old kitchen...

Here are a couple of photos of my friends' kitchen.

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