Sunday, September 9, 2012

Workhorses in my garden

Hakenachloa... a work horse in my garden.  It looks good all season and it makes the plants around it look good, too.  It's no trouble at all to take care of.  Cats love to eat it.

Bee Balm Gardenview Scarlet.  It bloomed a full 2 months in my garden.  It's such a favorite with the hummingbirds; I think it is their very favorite flower in my garden.  I gave it lots of water and it wasn't a terribly hot summer.  I think both factors kept it blooming nice and long.

Penstemon 'Ruby'.  I just love the grace of the plant and the flowers.  The hummingbirds like it, too.  It blooms all summer but not continuously.  It had a bit of a rest and is blooming again now.

Ornamental Oregano  This is a great plant and does well in pots.

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