Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Four weeks post cast

It's four weeks since my cast came off and ten weeks since my fall.  Here are the goals I had two weeks ago:

  • write longhand, even for a short time, without pain
  • write/draw with smooth motions instead of small jerky motions
  • sleep through the night without pain in my arm waking me up
  • drive without it hurting when I turn the wheel for a corner
  • cut up a raw carrot
  • peel potatoes

I am happy that I HAVE seen improvements in the last two weeks.  I can write, draw and sleep through the night but I am still having issues using a knife.  I just have so little strength in my wrist and using a knife causes me pain.  I don't know about driving because I haven't driven in the last two weeks.

I've been doing some sewing and I have a very hard time using my iron (because it is too heavy for me to pick up) and using scissors.  Cutting with scissors causes tingling even though I am careful to cut for very short times.   It took me days to cut out the shirt I am making.  And I can't use my rotary cutter at all.

My arm/wrist/hand still gives me pain from time to time, especially if I over use it.  I don't mean to over use it.  I don't know I am over using it until it begins to complain.

I still get that asleep feeling in various parts of my hand.  I find that very annoying.  The tingling is like having electricity going through my hand,  and I hate shocks.  The chiropractor made the tingling better with an adjustment last week.  He tells me I am doing very well and that I should be patient.  It generally takes six months to heal from the trauma of a wrist fracture (tendons and ligaments are especially slow to heal).  The chiropractor seems confident it will heal completely.  I sure hope so. 

All in all it is enough better that I sometimes forget I broke it and when it hurts me, my first thought is "why does my arm hurt?"... oh yeah, I broke my wrist.  

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