Sunday, April 28, 2013

Nearly six months since I broke my wrist

It's been nearly six months since my nasty fall and broken wrist.  Am I all better?  No, but I am doing pretty well.  What is still not right?  Most annoying is the tingling in my fingers.  Some activities make it worse... pruning, using scissors, and hand sewing affect it the most.  I hate that tingling.   Several times a night it wakes me and I have to shake it and move it so I can go back to sleep.  Sometimes it aches up and down my arm below the elbow and in my hand.  It still hurts to rotate my arm from the elbow.  I am still seeing the chiropractor once a month.  He says I am doing well.

I hoped to be all the way well by six months.  That is about the soonest they say an adult can fully recover.  The older you are the longer it takes.  A year is not uncommon so I am still hoping for full recovery.

There is another woman in the neighborhood who broke her wrist about the same time and had the pin surgery (which I refused to do).  She is using a physical therapist at a hundred dollars a pop.  Her total cost so far for her broken wrist is 30K... my total cost is about 3K. Our recoveries are about the same at this point although her cost is ten times mine.  I know not all breaks are the same but she is younger, broke the same bone and in both cases they recommended pin surgery.

The most expensive part for me was the orthopedist.   It cost over two grand for four office visits, two casts, and three x-rays.   I saw the physicians assistant and never the surgeon.  We figure they charged about eight hundred dollars an hour for the office visits.  The casts and x-rays were add on costs.  They charged  way too much for what they did.  Western medicine is so expensive.  And they make it pretty hard to price shop.

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