Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Garden

This is cosmos Diablo I grew from seed.  I used to grow them every year when I had a larger garden.  It's nice to see their beautiful flowers again.  It was harder to find the seed than it used to be.  Aren't they beautiful?

Thanks to these Casa Blanca lilies, it smells wonderful on the front porch.  They smell even more divine than they look.

Along the front stairs...

The bees and hummingbirds love the bee balm best of all

Rudbeckia Nitida Herbstonne.  I fell in love with it last year and so happy to have it this year.

The weather has been great lately.... highs around 80 or so.  Perfect days for walking to run errands, hanging out on the porch, and doing the necessary garden maintenance.   In the last few days I moved some pots around to make everything look better.  I love that about pots.  They can be rearranged like furniture.

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Melody Johnson said...

Absolutely breathtaking!!! And so neat. Your fotos are simply wonderful. I can almost smell those lilies. Never saw a rudbekia like that one. Very nice and the Cosmos, really cool.