Monday, August 5, 2013

Cats and the door to summer

The cats spend a lot of time looking out the screen doors, especially at the back yard.  They watch the birds and squirrels who hang around the bird feeder and the bird bath/fountain.  I originally started feeding the birds for the entertainment of the cats and it has worked really well.  They are indoor cats and I wanted them to have some entertainment.  The back yard is our bird sanctuary and is fenced but not cat proof.  Occasionally we have to drive a neighborhood cat out.  Just yesterday John squirted Wallace with water to make him leave.

Harpo and the door to summer

Ozy watching a squirrel

Pippin watches the birds, too.  He especially likes the hummingbirds and climbs all the way up the screen to the feeder level.  Doesn't he have a pretty belly?

Cats in three sizes.  Ozy is about three times the size of Pippin, who, fully grown,  is a tiny thing at just 5 lb 6 oz.

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