Saturday, September 28, 2013

We got out!!!

We had a 6.5 hour outing on Thursday, the longest time we have been out of the house since Ozy was diagnosed with diabetes.  He has to be monitored fairly closely because his blood glucose gets very low when I least expect it.  But on Thursday he was high and it was a beautiful day so off we went.

We drove to Cottonwood Canyon, a new state park on the John Day River.  To get there, we drove up the Columbia Gorge and then south from Biggs through the high wheat fields and wind turbines.  It's a beautiful drive and the sky was pretty too, with lots of puffy layered clouds.

Columbia River
 The Columbia Gorge and adjacent lands are peppered with wind turbines.  I think they are pretty but I wouldn't want to live near one.  Also, at night the whole Gorge pulsates with red warning lights for aircraft... it is kind of creepy.  I bet that people who live there don't like it so much.  I bet they want to live in the country, not a place that looks like an airport.

The photos start near The Dalles, which is about 90 miles from Portland on Interstate 84.

Driving through the wheat fields and wind turbines.

Arriving at Cottonwood Canyon

Hiking the trail

We got caught in a traffic jam on the way home (all those Washingtonians who work in Portland but don't live there).  Route 84 has a split to 205, but they won't stay in their own lanes.  They have to plug up 84 and then cut over at the last minute.  I was cursing them cuz I wanted to get home to Ozy.  We had been gone too long for comfort.  And sure enough, he was going low.  Another hour or so and it would have been bad.

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ddlip said...

That last picture is gorgeous! Glad you got out and back on time for the Oz-man.