Friday, April 11, 2014

What happened to the child's fairy garden?

Last month I posted about a child's fairyland that is close by.  The other day when I walked by, it was gone.  Staci, who is the mother in the household, told me that her little girls said they were done with that lovely little play spot and so she removed the toys and planted the strip.  Now it looks like this.  The plants are still small and I am sure they will grow.   But still, I miss that fairyland spot and I am sure the fairies miss it, too.

It used to look like this

I was disappointed to see the fairyland toys go away and especially to hear that the girls had outgrown their little fairyland, since I wanted to play in it.  One should NEVER outgrow fairies.

So yesterday I added a few little additions to the new garden spot.  I added a tiny little clay pot and a paper umbrella.  I hope the girls will be inspired to add a few more things.  Or maybe Staci will.  And I intend to add to it, too.  Staci said it was okay.

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