Saturday, May 31, 2014

Walking this week

These are some fun things we saw walking in the neighborhood.

Open air shop (photo taken from sidewalk)

A wild play area

Porch living at its finest

Fun gate

 Big rose

Garden at church

Free seedlings

Street painting party!

Olive and Dingo at the street painting party
Dingo and Olive video

 home again

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tables for the porch

John's been working on some tables.


Daily trip to Portland Nursery

We are still walking to Portland Nursery almost daily.  Our garden is pretty full but sometimes I find an opening.  Today's goal was fragrant Nicotiana and we got them!  We bought two Nicotiana Whisper Pink, one Nicotiana sylvestris and one Nicotiana aztec jasmine scented.

This is John carrying our babies home.

Sights at Portland Nursery today

A touch of red for the back yard

The red of the salvias are like red lipstick in the back yard.  The hummingbirds have found them and it is so much fun to watch them flitting and sipping.

It doesn't take much red...

Hummingbird babies about to fledge

This spring I've watched four sets of hummingbird babies on two different sites.  The first set fledged without a problem.  The mama disappeared for the second pair of babies.  The third pair either died from the heat and were eaten by ants or were killed and eaten by ants.  It's not an easy world for hummingbird babies.

This pair is about to fledge.  You can see them here.

May 26th

May 29th 
Update: they successfully fledged!  Here is the very used empty nest.  I wish you luck little ones.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Memorial Weekend Garden

No place to hide

Our yard space is very limited.  We do a lot of gardening and we are short  the hidden working spaces most gardeners use.  Our work spaces are not hidden.

The roof of the garage.

The front stoop

Fairy gardening

Close up of their tools