Friday, March 6, 2015

Painting the south side

Last year we had three sides of our house painted.  We, mostly John, usually do our own painting so having someone else paint was a real luxury.  We did not have the garage or the south side of the house painted.  John opted to do those himself.  The garage needed a fair amount of repair work and John has finished three sides since last summer.

Now he is working on the south side of the house.  We changed the house and trim colors somewhat.  We chose a creamier less white trim color and a little darker house color.  The change in color is subtle.  At the corner it changes color here.  You can almost believe it is just how the light hits.

I am glad of the beautiful dry weather which means we can finish the painting and plant some things here.

Here is the body color change.  The new color is on the left.

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