Monday, October 12, 2015

Trip to Beaverton

I took the Max train to meet my friend Barb at Powells in Beaverton.  We went to see Ruth Reichl whose books I have so enjoyed.

This is on the walk to the Hollywood station.

I got there just as the train pulled in...

View out the train window crossing the Willamette on the Steel Bridge.

The Broadway Bridge in the distance.

Inside the train

The trip there was pleasant and uneventful.  However, I got off at the wrong stop and Barb and I had trouble finding each other.  After the Powells event, I took the bus home.  Waiting for the bus in Beaverton was harrowing.  I had to wait on a narrow strip of concrete with 8 lanes of traffic rushing by only a few feet away.  I kept thinking of all those pedestrians that get hit by cars in such situations.  Trimet should have safer bus stops.

I didn't buy Ruth's new book, which is a cookbook.  I seldom buy cookbooks anymore.  I have enough cookbooks and I prefer to look online for recipes.  I did put the book on hold at the library.  If I love it enough, then I will buy it.


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