Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Garden in March

We have a lot of hakonechloa and I am always glad to see it reappear.  It's just the best plant and if you don't have some, get some.  I like its punk hairdo look when it first comes up.

I have a little garden on each side of the front walkway.  It's my favorite place to putter.  It's small enough to change plants often.

This is cameo quince.  I got it about ten years ago and didn't have a home for it.  I put it under the viburnum (in the pot it came in).  Now it has grown through the pot and over the sides.  I guess it IS home.... It has such beautiful flowers.

These are california lilac buds.   I think it is Ceonothus Dark Star This plant blooms a long time.  In my tiny garden, I need plants that look good a long time.  I don't have room for plants that sulk or bloom in a flash.  This climate has so many choices.

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Joy said...

Beautiful! I like to work with flowers, but my beds have shrunk considerably. I am not familiar with the flowers you have mentioned. Nice to see all the green, we just had a snow, but under it is lovely green grass! Have a nice Easter.