Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Latest inspiration

I have this thing about skinny lines on a background; I especially like them if they are not straight.   Look at this quilt by Lisa Call.  I love the skinny lines and the colors.  I found images of this quilt oriented both ways but I like it this way.

Lisa Call

I think Lisa's strips are painted (her strips are pieced, EEK!) but mine will be fabric.  I made some skinny strips with my 1/4 inch tape maker.  When the strips are that skinny they don't have to be on the bias to be shaped.  Today I will pick out some fabrics for the background from my Vicki Welsh hand dyed fabrics.  Her fabrics are so beautiful.  I am going to start with purples, greens and oranges.  I plan to big stitch quilt it (perle cotton size 8).  That's as far as my plans go and I am likely to veer off in some direction that takes my fancy.

Sounds like fun to me.  We are having a series of rain storms for the next several days.  I need something fun to distract me because I'd like to be outside.


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I have been following Lisa Call for a long time and I think those are pieced in.

Janet Avery said...

Agreed . . . Lisa Call's skinny strips are pieced in. And, so gorgeous in person!