Thursday, April 21, 2016

Portland Documentary

I love a good documentary and I am pretty excited about this one.  I traded some email with the maker of the documentary, about our love of Portland and our distress over what is going on.  She lifted my spirit when she said this:  

Many people care about place here. And so long as we/they/me/you continue to do so, we can succeed. We'll get a little banged up in the process, but it will be worth it. We're Portland after all!

Keep fighting the good fight. I promise not to give up, so long as you don't! :-)

Stay passionate. It's what built this place and it'll be the last thing standing in the end! :-)

I cried and I hardly EVER cry.  And I promise.

Here is the description of the documentary from their website:

Portland, Inc. is a feature length documentary about a small west coast city, surprised by sudden growth and change. In the early 60’s, Portland found its sleepy self in the thoughtful hands of brilliant renegades who thought differently about politics, planning, work and lifestyle.

The difference between what we have today and what was intended lies within the concept of livability. During the era of the Downtown Plan, our city was designed with attention given to what it meant to live first and work second. Now that the Portland lifestyle has transformed into a brand, it has become a hot commodity; a consumable good on the brink of becoming a place where livability is being squeezed from its original intention.

Portland is often compared to its northern and southern neighbors, Seattle and San Francisco. Neighborhoods in Portland are being flipped and its people pushed out. Now the fastest growing city by comparison, will Portland be forced to disown its roots as it rapidly changes to meet the needs of growth?

Portland, Inc. explores the charm of the past to extract what worked in an effort to reinvent the future of our renowned livable city. While we take stock at what's happening to our community now, we hope to answer: Is the future that's being designed for us good enough? For more information please contact Writer/Director Kristen Kingsbury at


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