Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cape Perpetua and Heceta Head

Although we spent most of our time walking or at the house, we did drive down the coast as far as Heceta Head (12 miles) and we spent some time at Cape Perpetua, which is only one mile south of where we stayed but there is no trail (there used to be one but it is not passable now).   I love Cape Perpetua and being close to Cape Perpetua was a criteria for where we stayed.

Cape Perpetua was a little disappointing this time.  They are doing massive amounts of road work, I think widening the road, and the road work was unpleasantly noisy.  Also much of the foliage was damaged.  Maybe they had unusually cold weather recently.  So we didn't stay all that long.   Besides some of my favorite things about Cape Perpetua are crashing waves, Spouting Horn and Cook's Chasm.  I pretty much had all those things right out the window of the house where we stayed.

Cape Perpetua

I think these are barnacles

Anemones and barnacles

 A hedge of salal looking pretty good.  Much of it did not look this good and had bald spots and dead foliage.

 Heceta Head with its light house.  You can rent rooms in the old lighthouse keepers house.   I always wanted to stay there but the rooms are frightfully expensive.  And they made a really ugly parking lot that is visible from the house kind of ruining the wild feel of the place.  Too bad.

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