Sunday, May 1, 2016

John's birthday trip to the coast

We went to the coast for John's birthday.  We had a wonderful time.  Although we loved it, everyone wouldn't.  It's a rocky place with no beach and very dangerous for children.  There are more posts before this one if you missed them and are interested.

Happy Birthday John!  This was taken at the Underground Pub in Yachats.  The food was good.   We enjoyed the locals who hang out there.   They were having a good time, too.

This was my favorite thing to watch.  The water rushes in to this crevice splashing wildly and smashing into the end and coming up out of the blow hole.  Ahhh....

I always bring quilts and pillows for color and comfort.   This is only a few of the ones I took.

My eyes saw more detail than my camera but still I like it.

 Me poking around on the rocks below the house.

Oh you beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Edit:  My friend Dave pointed out that the photo above has a crooked horizon as do many of my ocean photos.  I was trying to catch the waves at the right time (I did not succeed all the time).    Sorry about that.  It drives me a little crazy now that he pointed it out.  But the crooked horizon adds to the chaos of the waves so I am sticking with it....

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Margot said...

I love that you decorate your spaces with your quilts....that would be me