Friday, May 27, 2016

Walking to Burrasca for lunch

Yesterday we walked to Burrasca for lunch.  They used to have a food cart that was about a mile away but they moved to Clinton Street and now they are about 2.5 miles away.    That is further afield than most of our walks.  I can't always walk that far on concrete but I knew we could take a bus part way home if it was too much.  I am happy to report that I walked the whole way there and back (more than five miles).  I couldn't have managed that last year so, Yippee!

Lunch was delicious and the walk was very nice.  I love walking in old Portland neighborhoods, seeing the great houses and the gardens.  It was quiet there yesterday.  Our neighborhood is filled with construction noise and the quiet was a balm.  We saw some houses on hormones but not as many as I feared.  Not as many as in other sections of Southeast Portland.

Isn't the bowed out window nice?  There was a little sign that said "Vintage Woodworks".  I've never heard of them but the name and the state of the house both seem promising.

Community garden plots

What a big old tree

Looking toward the river and the West Hills of Portland.

This house sits on a huge lot (almost its own block)  and is quite huge itself.  This is the main wing.  It had multiple wings with lots of windows, probably to catch the light.

We liked this fence.

John noted that the decorative sliver is cut from the top piece, which is pretty cool.

The siding on this house seemed like it was wiggling.

 We ate in the back courtyard of Burrasca.  The roof drains through this sort of industrial waterfall thing.

There was a pod cart on Division that included not only places to eat, but also other businesses such as a place selling plants and a hair salon.... that's new to me in pod carts.

This is the plant seller, working out of an Airstream trailer.

This is a note on the for sale sign.  It says "This is always good for a laugh.  Are you people out of your minds?"  The house is a brand new house on hormones aka McMansion for sale for almost a million dollars.

This is your fairly standard style for a house on hormones being built today in Portland.  They usually call it Craftsman style but it doesn't look very Craftsman to me.  Craftsman houses have more overhang, more porch.   Houses on hormones are taller and bigger than their neighbors, filling up the whole lot with house.  Most of them are an unappealing shade of gray.  This one is trimmed with a bad trim color.  You can see how it towers above it's neighbors on both sides.  There isn't any room or light for much to grow.

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