Saturday, June 18, 2016

It's not easy being green

People think of Portland as a green city.  We're big on recycling.  Plastic grocery bags are banned.  We  have a lot of alternative energy (both solar and wind).  Bicycling is big.  We have good public transit.  However, we have a toxic metal problem.  First it was the air and heavy metals like chromium and cadmium.


Now it is lead in the schools.  The drinking fountains in schools have been shut down and they are drinking bottled water.  The Buckman Swimming Pool is closed due to a lead problem.   There is lead paint in the schools.  They also found high levels of radon in the schools.

And apparently the school officials knew about some of these problems but did not go public.

I guess we are not so green.... I knew that.  But I bet YOU didn't.


Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

Given that they told us we could just throw out our lead paint waste, I am totally not surprised. Before we started, I actually called and asked about the rules. I'm glad we're done with paint stripping now.

Vicki W said...

It's all the fault of Bullseye Glass apparently.