Saturday, July 9, 2016

Breach of the public trust

The city is having public meetings to talk about infill.  But they are refusing to discuss the basic important questions.  Look at their slide on the items that are NOT up for discussion.

David Minnick photo

All they cover in their meeting is things developers want to change.  It is so very sad.  And I am not the only one who is upset.  Here is a very good article on how they are breaching the public trust and another on demolitions.

The infill meeting was sort of creepy.  Those representing the city were spouting a party line and not open to any ideas.  It was sort of like the Stepford Wives and not what I expect to find in Portland.  It feels like corporate america and the developers have us by the throat.

And if you think you are exempt, think again.   They have pretty much decided all of Portland is subject to these changes.

Further they are now letting constructions sites operate all night long....

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