Sunday, July 3, 2016

Fixing the paint

We had our house painted summer before last.  Our front porch gets blazing sun in the late afternoon.  There were places where the paint had bubbled BEFORE they painted.  We thought it should be stripped but they thought they could fix it without stripping.

Unfortunately, we were right and they were wrong.  The bubbling was much worse after they painted it.  And it is very visible right by the front door.  No one has asked us for a painter recommendation.  The bubbling probably puts them off.

We've always done most of the work on our house ourselves.  You get control of the project that way and it is so difficult to get good work these days.  We did get a quote of $2500 to strip these two small sections, which is outrageous for how much work it is.

So, John is stripping the paint in those sections himself.   And he is doing a better job than we would likely get if we hired it out.   The worst is done on this side and it took about four hours.  The second side is not as bad.  And he is getting quicker.

The wood is beautiful quarter sawn fir.  Siding like that would be hard to come by these days.   And yet, the city is eager to tear down houses like ours and replace them with poorly built crap made of much lesser materials.

I didn't think to take a photo of this side before he started but here is what the other side looks like (it isn't as bad as this one was).  It looks like it has a skin disease.  One bubble on the first side was about four inches across.

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