Monday, August 15, 2016

It hasn't gotten better...

"Mike Jenkins, also known as Pork Chop, said he moved to the Laurelhurst Park area from the Springwater Corridor. He said many others will make the same move when the corridor is swept by the city...“They’re coming,” Jenkins said. “Down here in Laurelhurst Park. Put ’em on Hawthorne. I’m gonna put ’em on Belmont, I’m gonna put ’em right in front of shopping centers.”"

A homeless camp in Laurelhurst Park in Southeast Portland, August 12, 2016 (KOIN)

Laurelhurst Park camping

And a quote from Nextdoor:

"Is this basically him saying 'If you won't let us utterly destroy a protected natural area, I'm going to make sure we shove ourselves in your face as much as possible.'?

That's the same entitled mentality of the people on SE Hawthorne who painted a sign saying that people had better start giving them moe money when they pass or they're going to be forced to continue breaking into houses to steal. JUST because you don't have a fixed address, that doesn't mean that 1) I owe you ANYTHING, 2) You can threaten me with "Let me continue my criminal behavior or else!''

And another quote:

"This used to be something that I saw more frequently at Col Summers Park last year and the year before-, but I think it was more if we, as neighbors called in. It wasn't proactive, but reactive. To be honest, I don't think police will even come unless there is a direct threat of violence or a weapon involved."

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