Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How I am doing these watercolor quilts

This first part is ala Gilda Baron.  All the fabric started out white (or almost white).  I use various weights and types of cotton fabric.  The fabric is painted like a watercolor, using dye-na-flow.  The flowers are white organdy, also painted on with dye-na-flow. After the organdy dried, I cut out little circular shapes for the flowers....the dyed fabric varies some in its color and the circles vary in their shape.  I used pearl cotton embroidery floss to sew the center of the circles to the background.  There are french kots under the fabric circles, here and there to add some dimension to the flowers.  

The background fabric  is over a light batting  (Hobbs Heirloom).  When I sew, I can  pull up the embroidery stitches for  a little flower shaping.   When I move between flowers I can pull the floss a little tight to slightly shape the surface.   It is really very easy and wonderfully imprecise.  
I really do love fabric.  I love how it drapes and isn't meant to be flat.  So many quilt techniques struggle against the natural way of fabric.  Although I admire the technique and find them beautiful, they constrain the fabric and this hides some of its beauty... at least to me.  

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