Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Drawers, drawers everywhere!

Progress continues on the kitchen island.  Now John is building the drawers (24 of them).  We have a spreadsheet with time estimates for all the tasks.  The total time for drawers is estimated at 118 hours.  He is now assembling the boxes.  According to the spreadsheet,  John is about 38% through the drawer construction.

Then comes all sorts of finish work on the boxes (walnut strips for the top edges and dowell plugs for all the screw holes @26.5 hours) and then applying the  finish (4 coats on each drawer @32 hours)... but wait! We aren't done yet with the drawers.  The drawer faces still have to be made and applied to the drawers @16 hours.

Here are some drawer photos. He uses blue tape for notes about top and bottom, etc.

 Drawers in clamps

Stacked drawers in every cranny.

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