Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hiking the Lollipop in June

We go hiking every week, mostly in the Columbia Gorge and quite often from the Wahkeena trail head.  This photo is from last week's hike.  We did the Lollipop again, which is about a four mile hike with 1600 feet of elevation gain.  It's pretty close to home, good exercise, beautiful. and quick.  This picture was taken on the Vista Trail section which has a quiet feel.  The trees tower.  There are many shades of green and lots of dappled light.  It feels really good to be there.  It's also fun to watch the seasons change.

Now that it is summer, we have lots of company even during the week.  I don't mind sharing the trail.  But I do hate it when people are yakking on their cellphones and wear lots of perfume that hangs in the air.  And I get really irate when they don't mind their trail manners; especially if they don't stay on the trail.

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