Sunday, July 15, 2012

Collecting rocks

My grandma used to collect rocks.  It seemed like a pretty silly thing to do.  But guess what?  Now I'm the one collecting the rocks and it doesn't seem silly at all!

Rocks are links to places I've been.  That doesn't mean that I can tell you where I got each rock.  It means that I take a rock home when I want to keep a piece of some place in my life.

Rocks are nice to look at and useful, too.  We use them in the house for doorstops and for holding books open and to look at.  Outside they are part of the garden.  They look good, are fun to rearrange and nice to touch.

I like how the rocks look in this pot.  They also make a place to water the pot without disturbing the plant or the soil.


I made my bird bath with a plastic saucer and some pretty rocks.  It's easy to clean and the birds love it.
                 This is my favorite rock.  I just like to hold it.         

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