Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Marble White

It's a good time to paint the kitchen ceiling while everything is moved out and there is no island.  The space is so big and open.  The floor is about to be replaced.  The schedule slipped a little so there is some unexpected time.  Like I said, it is a good time to paint the ceiling.

Our kitchen has a beam that divides it where it was once two rooms (I think the other room was probably the mudroom).  Yesterday we painted the section on one side of the beam.  Today we are painting the second section.  

Here is John washing the ceiling.   It's never much fun working over your head on a ceiling.

We are painting the ceiling white, but not true white.  The color we are using is called Marble White. It reads white but it is softer than true white.  You can see the difference here as the Marble White gets rolled over the true white.

True white house paint didn't exist until around the mid twentieth century.  Until that time, houses and rooms were never painted true white.  Check out this link.

      modern white paint

So if you have and old house and want to be historically accurate, stay away from true white.  I do have an old house but I am not trying to be historically accurate.  I just think true white is too stark.

Just that subtle color change makes a world of difference in how the whole room feels.  It also changes how the color of the walls look.  At night the change is even more striking when the lighting makes the room warm and rich with color.

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