Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The floor installation, Day 2

We feel very fortunate to have such excellent craftsmen installing our marmoleum.  They are really, really good at what they do.

Checking yesterday's work...

Laying out a piece to be cut to shape

Cutting and fitting the template

Cutting a straight clean edge on the marmoleum

Rolling out the first piece of marmoleum

Spreading the glue

Gluing the marmoleum in place

The first piece is in!

The second piece has several tricky cuts.  It goes across the floor, around a couple of doorways and the stairs and then, wraps around into the closet under the stairs.  This is the template for the second piece.

Wrapping around the doorway...

following the stairs...

It is going to wrap around into the closet.

 You can see the cutout for the closet wrap around

Here it comes!

And now you can see it wrapping into the closet

Rolling the marmoleum with a heavy roller

And tomorrow, the final piece goes in.


lynda murray said...

I'll buy any scraps you have! lyndajmurray@yahoo.com

David Keyes said...

Did you have your flooring heat welded? Would you do it differently? Thanks for the posting.

donaleen said...

We are very happy with the floor. It looks good and is easy to care for. It's a wonderful material but you do need a good installation. No, it is not heat welded. Our installers were top notch and the seams are nearly invisible. You have to really look to find them.