Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bare naked kitchen

The floor is in and it is great.  The kitchen is looking a little naked with no island, no table, no furniture.  Tomorrow we move in all those things, including the island cabinets.

Here is the naked kitchen.  The new floor is so much lighter than the old floor, which is very nice.  The stool and small table over the blue tape x's are where there are holes in the floor under the island.  We don't want to accidentally step in the holes.  The island cabinets come up from the basement tomorrow (my husband is building them).

The sink counter is next year's project (in our 20 year kitchen project).  Twenty year kitchen project

Closeup of marmoleum

In the meantime, John is putting some final touches on the island cabinets...
Drilling holes in the cabinet for something

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