Saturday, August 4, 2012

Feeling like home...

This side of the kitchen had its ceiling painted and new marmoleum.  That's all.  We like it so much better.  It just feels nice.  You might think I turned the lights on for the photo (like realtors do) but that is not the case.  John turns every possible light on when he is working.

We spent yesterday putting things to rights in the kitchen and all the rooms the kitchen project has affected.  I guess we were both uncomfortable with the chaos and that gave us the nesting urge at the same time.  Nice.

John is working on the cabinet installation, getting everything ready for the plumber.  There will be a kickspace hot water radiator under the island.  I am pitting ten pounds of pie cherries to freeze for cobbler.  And it's hot in Portland today.  High 90's.  It's the first over 90 day we've had in a year.  I don't like the heat.

Ahh.  Home.

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