Monday, August 13, 2012

Installing our Vent A Hood, Day 1

We've been studying the VentAHood installation directions for quite some time now.  We've also scoured the web for any additional directions.  The VentAHood directions are a bit scanty.  

Our cooktop is in our island and the ductwork is going through our kitchen ceiling, through the attic and out the roof.  It's a pretty straight run, so it should draw pretty well.  

The first step was to disassemble the blower unit.  This step is in their directions.  This gives you needed access to the bolt holes that are used to attach the hood unit to the duct cover.  It also makes the unit much lighter during the installation process.  I am a little worried about how easy it will be to reattach the blower unit.  It didn't seem they did a great job of drilling their holes and thing didn't line up as well as they might.  (For as much as it cost, I think the holes should be lined with gold.)

  John decided to build a temporary structure for it to rest on while he positioned it just right.  This structure will also hold the hood while he attaches the hood to the duct cover.

He used a lot of screws because he "didn't want to think about it much"

Here is the hood in position.

And there it is with the duct cover sitting on top, all snugged up against the ceiling.  It sure is a honkin' big thing! 

John marked the ceiling where the bolt holes go through. 

 Here he is drilling holes  through the ceiling where the bolts will go through.  Next he will install some blocking in the attic to support the weight and make a hole through the ceiling big enough for the duct work to fit through.  Since it is very hot today, we are waiting until the cool of the morning before venturing into the attic.

Today's work didn't really take all that long.  Most of the time was spent futzing with positioning the hood just so.

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