Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Installing our Vent A Hood, Day 2

We installed a hood vent once before on our first house.  That was a long time ago.  And much simpler since it went through a cabinet and had a horizontal run to the side of the house.   This is harder because it has to be positioned and supported.  Still, it's pretty easy so far.

Now that we have the hood positioned and the ceiling marked, here are the installation tasks.

It's noon now and these tasks have been completed this morning
  • cutting the hole in the ceiling for the duct work to go through
  • installing blocking in the attic to support the hood
  • cutting a hole in the roof and installing the roof jack
  • buying the ducting
We did these things in the afternoon
  • installing the ducting inside the duct cover
  • attaching the duct run to the vent a hood
  • wiring the Vent A Hood (for lights and blower)
  • installing the blower unit
It works!  We are saving these items for the cool of tomorrow morning
  • installing the duct run in the attic
  • attaching the duct run to the roof jack
  • insulating the ducting in the attic
the hole in the ceiling

the blocking

the blocking installed

installing the roof jack

the roof jack from the attic

the hole in the ceiling from the attic

looking through the hole down to the kitchen below

Vinchenzo (this is the cool metal sculpture outside Vinje, the  ducting store

crimping tool at Vinje (maybe could also be used for ravioli)

 I love Portland for so many reasons.  One of them is that we have so many wonderful local businesses like Vinje.

It's working!  See the lights?
So far the hardest task has been fitting the transition duct piece (supplied with the Vent A Hood) to the round ducting.  John thinks it is a compatibility of duct brands.  The other pieces fit together very easily.

It's quiet.  The lighting is nice.  It still seems VERY expensive for what it is.  I think Vent A Hood is making a bundle.

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