Friday, August 3, 2012

Moving the island cabinets to the kitchen

The new island cabinets were moved from the basement where John built them into the kitchen today.  It's a pretty exciting day at our house.  John is so proud that they are dead level!  You see, the floor is NOT so level and he had to adjust the lengths of the cabinet legs to accommodate for the uneven floor.  He did this while he was building the cabinets from careful measurements that told him ...he adjusted the legs by a quarter inch or so (snicker).

Now he starts installing them... adding their drawers and side panels and such and getting them ready for the countertop.

Coming from the basement

down  the alley
up the front steps

In place
The island is constructed from two back to back cabinets with a space in between them where side panels and drawers will be installed.  There will be 24 drawers in the island.

The silver handles on the sides are temporary, just to make the cabinets easy to move during construction and installation.

Dead level!

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