Monday, August 6, 2012

The New Island (but not finished)

It's not finished but it is starting to look like a single unit.  The island has its kickspace radiator installed.  The cabinets are in position and the side panels are clamped on.

This is looking directly at the side panels.  You can see how the back to back cabinets are joined together by the side panels.  The empty spaces will have three drawers on each side.  There will be a dead space in the center, about a foot square.

This is a corner view, showing a cabinet front with its nine drawers and the side panel with its three drawers.  The small cutouts near the top of the sides are for electrical outlets.  The cabinets sit on a pedestal that is set back to create a kickspace.  The corner legs make it look like a piece of furniture.  The kick is set back more than normal and we are painting it black to make it disappear more.

I think it looks like a cross between a chemistry lab table and old fashioned kitchen cabinets.  We decided not to have any seating.  I wanted symmetry.  Besides, it's better for us to stand more and sit less.

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