Sunday, August 19, 2012

the Spice Jar Incident

John has not allowed me to participate much in the kitchen project work.  Many things are outside my skill set but some things he is just too controlling about.  Like he wouldn't let me help with the painting.  Mostly I took over all the household tasks while he worked on the project.  I was also his handmaiden, meaning I would hold things, carry things, fetch things, hand him things... very exciting work.

It really came to a head with the Spice Jar Incident.  We decided to get some square spice jar bottles for our most commonly used spices and store them in a convenient drawer in our new island.  When we got them home, he put them away because he didn't have time to transfer the spices or to label the jars.  I said I would do it,  to which he replied my hand writing was not good enough.  Annoying!

I told him he was behaving like a man.  I labeled the jars and transferred the spices.  He had the good sense to tell me  I did a good job.  Men!

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