Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Northwest wildfires


There are several large wildfires burning in Oregon and Washington and the rest of the Northwest.  It's usual to have some fires late in the summer but it is particularly dry and unusually warm right now.  I check the fire news and the fire information all the time right now.

Northwest fire map

There is a bad one very near Sisters.  The smoke in Sisters must be horrific.  They've closed the Pacific Crest Trail in the area.

Pole Creek Fire near Sisters

This one is near Mt Adams and near several of our favorite hiking and camping spots.

Mt Adams fire

So far none are very close to Portland and mostly the wind doesn't carry the smoke this way.  But today it smells a bit smoky in Portland.  And last week it smelled pretty smoky when we went for a hike in the gorge.  It scared me to see how dry things are.  I think if I had seen anyone smoking a cigarette I would have tackled them (yes, people DO smoke when they hike).

I worry about all the places I love becoming charred for years to come, maybe for my lifetime.

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