Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sink Wall Cabinets

Now that the island project is behind us, I've started designing the cabinets for the sink wall.  Here is where I am so far... (there is a big window between the upper cabinets).  The sink is a big farm sink.  The cabinet designs below the sink and on the top upper cabinets is a decorative cutout.  The lower upper cabinets have glass doors.   The base cabinet goes into a left corner and there are more cabinets on that wall.


Anonymous said...

Beyond excited to have found this image (here and on the GardensWeb thread) - this is exactly what I'm hoping to do in the renovation of my kitchen. I was having trouble finding pictures of decorative cutouts like this to show my husband, who needed some convincing that this would be a perfect look in our 1930s house. I'd love to see the finished product, if you've completed it!
(Have flipped through some of your other pictures - seriously love what you've done, especially as you had the good taste to hang up a schoolhouse style light in the kitchen - we've got a similar one in our DR that I found in an architectural salvage store, and I absolute love it.)

donaleen said...

Thanks. We are still in process. Demolition Day is scheduled in April.

We have been slowed down by my broken wrist and John getting sick... and just enjoying going slow.

John believes the cutout will be fairly easy to do. I will gladly answer questions or share techniques. He is working on drawers now so it shouldn't be too long until he gets to the cutouts.

Cutouts were common in vintage cabinets. Here is a more modern approach


We also decided to go all drawers in the bottom. See this post. Under the sink still has cutouts.


Lewis said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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