Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kitchen Sink Wall

The construction drawings for the sink wall cabinets are nearly done.   It's always hard for John to get started on construction drawings but he is past that start up problem and now his head is full of ideas he wants to get in his notebook.  So far he has more than fifteen pages of notes and drawings that detail the construction process.  Here are a few examples of what I mean.

I don't think it will be long now before the construction begins.  We have a stack of plywood for the cabinet carcasses.  We have all the hinges and knobs and pulls.  Yesterday he was looking at the Blum drawer slide catalog and making lots of happy sounds. 

We have modified our design again.  The base is now all drawers.  I don't have a drawing for the left side  of the L;  it will have another double upper much like the on the left side below and the base cabinet will have a single stack of three drawers.

The drawers on both sides of the L mean the blind corner will be a dead space.  We decided the best way to use the dead space is to put a time capsule in there.  The space is about 2 feet square and 3 feet high.  It's fun to consider what to put in there.  Certainly some kitchen design information.  But I think I will also put some other things in there.  Stuff that is from now that will be interesting or even collectible in the future.  You never know what useless plastic object from today will be highly collectible tomorrow.

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