Sunday, October 7, 2012

Against the wind

I really hate the wind.  Anything more than a slight breeze makes me jumpy.  I don't like the windows down in the car and of course, I don't like sail boats or motorcycles or convertibles.  The wind sets my teeth on edge and makes me agitated.   We've had several windy days and today is finally calm.  I feel so much better.

I grew up in eastern Montana, which is a very windy place.   I hated the wind then, too.  I grew up on a farm that didn't have public electricity.  We had a wind charger and for those times when the wind didn't blow, we had a generator.  My dad had to manually switch from one source of power to the other.  When I was really small, I thought he could control the wind and I used to cry and beg him to turn the wind off.

Portland is the least windy place I have ever lived.  And I am very happy about that.  We say we died and went to heaven when we moved here and the wind is just one of the many reasons I feel that way.

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ddlip said...

i love dropping in to read your thoughts.