Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Things I love to do that I hated in school

It seems a shame that school experiences can make us think we hate doing things that we actually love to do.  John and I were talking about how that happened to both of us.  School made us think we hated doing things we actually love to do.

I thought I hated research... In school,  I had to write papers, which required doing research in inadequate libraries where you couldn't find enough sources and you had to type it on a typewriter and use footnotes.  I still hate books with footnotes.  However, I love, love love research.  The internet has made research so enjoyable.  I am always researching something on the web.  It starts with reading or watching or hearing something that catches my attention.  I search for it on the internet.  And one thing leads to another and another and it is just so much fun.

I thought I hated physical activity... In school, physical activity happened during recess and PE with their regimented competitive sports activities.  I don't like having balls thrown at me and I hate having to hit them, kick them or try to catch them.  And in PE, you added the nasty locker room scene.  The physical activities I enjoy, like hiking and dancing and walking, were never part of school.

In fact, the fifties seemed to be all about avoiding physical activity.  I don't remember getting much physical activity as a child.  I spent all my time reading.  I never understand berating today's kids for  not being active... we weren't at all active when I was growing up.

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