Saturday, December 29, 2012

Afternoon tea meal 12/29/2012

Afternoon tea is one of the seven meals hobbits eat.  Since we started eating an afternoon meal of vegetables, we decided to call it Afternoon Tea, in the hobbit tradition.  This was our afternoon tea today.

Danish squash aka acorn squash

juiced celery and cilantro...refreshing

I also made turmeric tea this afternoon.  We haven't been able to buy fresh turmeric since last summer and I'd almost forgotten what a treat turmeric tea is.  I posted about how I make turmeric tea here.

When we can't get fresh turmeric, we take curcumin capsules, the active ingredient in turmeric. Curcumin fights inflammation, which is the root of most chronic diseases.

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ddlip said...

Oh yeah! I forgot you told me about the turmeric tea and I really need it right now. I think I pulled a hamstring because every time I walk it swells up behind my knee. Debilitating injuries suck and reminds us how precious good health is. I am happy you are almost back to smack. Love you.