Friday, December 28, 2012

My cast is OFF

Yesterday I got my cast off and I can type with both hands now, though not without a little pain.  My wrist is still swollen and stiff.  It also has a weird bump which I hope will go away.  My fingers tingled some in the night.  I hope this is temporary and not the start of carpal tunnel.  It is awfully nice to have my old friend back even in its somewhat banged up condition.

some parts are shrunken and some parts are swollen

the bump
Update:  Its been three nights and my arm hurts at night.  It aches all the way from my shoulder down through my thumb.  Sometimes my fingers tingle.  I hate things that interrupt my sleep.  On the plus side, my arm and hand really are very usable though my wrist is stiff, especially in the bump area.  I hope it is mostly the swelling and will get better as the swelling subsides.  Yes, I am doing exercises for range of motion and strength.  It is so very nice to use it fairly normally.

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ddlip said...

Yeah! Both arms. 2013 will be a good year!