Thursday, January 3, 2013

One week post cast

It's been one week since my cast came off.  The physician's assistant (at the orthopedist office) said to measure my progress in weeks, not days.  It's much improved in a week.

the bump

Pain in my arm woke me a lot in the first week but finally last night it didn't.  Yea!!!  My wrist is not as stiff though it has much further to go.  The pain mostly comes from the outside of my wrist where there is a bump but the bone that broke was the inside (radius) bone... there was a small bone fragment noted in the original x-ray.  I always imagine that is what hurts but who knows.  The wrist has lots of ligaments and tendons and joints and bones and complexity.  It hurts like something is being stretched, so probably not a bone fragment.

At least it is getting better.  And it feels good to work it.  Sometimes by the end of the day it complains that I've used it too much but I just love using it!  I really do.  I can use a dust pan.  I can cut my nails.  I can  use a knife some.  So many every day things.   I can only work with a keyboard for a fairly short time but it is getting longer.

The sidewalk where I fell is on one of our regular errand routes and today the people were outside.  It was nice to talk to them.  They were very glad to see me doing better.  It was sweet.

Back to playing with my silly putty...

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