Saturday, January 26, 2013

Strong-like-bull base cabinets

John is making VERY sturdy base cabinets.  He is reinforcing the face frames and drawer slide attachments so they will be very sturdy.  He's always been into sturdy.  I remember when the building inspector came to look at our new deck in a long ago house and asked him if he planned to park a car on it.

This cabinet carcass is done.  It is about three feet wide.  It will have a cutting board pullout, two top drawers, and two big lower drawers.  For the top level drawers, he chose to add a reinforced piece between them for extra support instead of just using slide hangers.  The face frame is reinforced for the middle drawer, just for some extra support. The handles on the sides are temporary to make the cabinet easy to move.

Close up

 Here is the largest of our cabinets which is just over four feet wide.  This picture shows the carcass before the face frame is attached and before all the reinforcement.  It is on its back, ready for the face frame.

Face frame lying on the cabinet.

 The sink cabinet face frame pieces labelled for their purposes.  This cabinet he calls BC3.  I do not know what all the other mysterious labels mean.

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