Saturday, January 5, 2013

The view over the fence

Our neighbors took down their camelia bushes.  They talked to us first to be sure we were okay with it (we have the best neighbors EVER).  We were in favor of it because it means more light for our teeny tiny back yard.  But the view over the fence to the neighbors next to them is less than ideal.

The fence is ours.  We will remove the horizontal pieces.  I want to put some whimsical birdhouses on top of the fence to give the eye something to focus on.  I don't want to block all the light.  And if some birds move in, all the better.

I found and ordered this from Etsy.  It's got a nice whimsical shape.  I intend to add a shingled roof, a decorative door and maybe some other decorative elements.

We also plan to build a few ourselves and  use this one as a prototype design  starting place (they won't be the same as this one)

You can order one here if you like.

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