Monday, March 25, 2013

A long slow spring

We have very long springs here in Portland.  Spring starts on Valentine's Day and doesn't end until the 4th of July (or so).  Some would argue with my definition.  I call it spring when the bulbs begin to bloom and it's still spring until the rainy season ends and the temperature is consistently warm.

I love our springs.  Some people long for summer and think spring drags on too long, but not me.  I especially love our wild March days when the weather swings from sun to rain or even hail several times a day.  It's downright invigorating.

We first came to Portland in early March.  We came from the worst ice storm I ever saw in Massachusetts.  The whole world was frozen for about two weeks (it was still frozen when we returned from our Portland trip).  And what did we find in Portland that early March?  Balmy air filled with the scent of daphne.  Lots of blooming things like bulbs and shrubs and very green grass.  And that wild weather with its sun and rain and hail.  I was immediately in love.


1914house said...

That is the perfect definition of a Portland spring! We always say summer begins on July 5th.

Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

I love spring; it's my favorite season. I never look forward to the hot temps during summer so I'm glad when spring hangs on longer.

donaleen said...

I see I have some kindred spirits. Helloooo, kindred spirits.