Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring, spring, spring

We've been in a gardening mood, followed by lazing on the porch like lizards.  I think we've been to Portland Nursery three times this week.  It's so close that we don't need much of an excuse... we can even walk there.

Display at Portland Nursery

Cherry tree on the walk to Portland Nursery

I got a new bird bath for the back door.  It is small and shallow.  You can see it on the left here.

We moved the fountain further back.  We knew the old spot it was in would be in the way for the kitchen demolition.   The fountain is heavy enough that we don't like to move it often.   I like it back further.

You can see the fountain from the Room of Requirements now.  The cats like that.  There it is through the window beside Guanadeen (my dress form).

We put the old bird bath (a plant saucer in a clay pot on top of another upside down clay pot) in the front where we can see it from the porch.   The birds have already found it!  We saw one having a grand bath last evening.

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Sharon @ Laurelhurst Craftsman said...

Lovely. Jeff is still working on getting his new edible plants in. The weather today is fabulous. I almost hope we get some rain soon so we can get some stuff done! =)